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  • Megan Vogias, MA Ed

What's the function of functional medicine?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Ever wonder why medical professionals want to pursue functional medicine? The answer may be less complicated than you think.

They want to help.

So, what does "help" look like when you're working with a functional medicine professional? It looks like a treatment plan that is getting to the root of the health problems. It looks like treating causes over symptoms. It looks like recommending treatments that will address the causes and begin healing your body.

Then what should you expect from a functional medicine professional?

You should expect that...

  • They want you to feel better

  • They will teach you how food is a natural medicine

  • They want to determine the cause rather than treat a symptom

  • They will form a close partnership with you to find a healthy balance and help you heal

  • They want you to be able to restore balance in your body

  • They will help you establish a plan to improve and maintain a healthy gut

  • They will work with you to assess any nutrient deficiencies and then determine how to replenish them

  • They want you to enjoy a healthy life with minimal symptoms of chronic health condition

  • They want to reverse your chronic health condition and prevent new conditions from developing

Functional Medicine professionals encourage their patients to imagine the treatment of their condition like a tree. They focus on the roots of the health condition instead of focusing on what branches off of those root issues and manifests as symptoms. As they start healing the roots, the symptoms get addressed on their own!!

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