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I was suffering from flare-ups and had been diagnosed with a number of food sensitivities. I had been having terrible inflammation all over, but especially in the gut. It came with gas, bloating, and, if no diarrhea, certainly loose stools. Also, joint pain, tiredness, and fatigue. I had tried an Elimination Diet on my own but it did not account for all the foods that I was sensitive to, so I wasn't making much progress in feeling better.


Once I eliminated the trigger foods and concentrated on freshly prepared, real foods, I started to feel better. I noticed a significant improvement in joint pain symptoms. Bowel became less gassy (next to never, now) and stools were more formed and predictable.


The last time I went to a nutritionist was about 16 years ago. It was old style - count calories, eat specific food types in specific quantities and combinations. It felt so restrictive and not terribly doable in the real world. This has been truly more educational and realistic - like how people really live. And, the focus on how to eat - vs. some formulaic of what - leaves with some freedom to choose and build meals - with a focus on color and types of things, and how to make long-term changes. I still need to get my updated bloodwork to see how these changes have translated chemically, but I sure feel better.


What we had was great, but more recipes are always better. They're great to work off of. But, that said, Preeti has been a great resource for that. Good practical advice.



INH Wellness Reviews | Ohio | Dietitian

Encouraging with wonderful information

I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, constipation, and obesity.

I am having bowel movements more frequently (every one to two days instead of every three days. Preeti is full of wonderful information and gives websites for follow-up. She is very encouraging and does not overwhelm you with changes all at once.


Gut health and blood sugar management

I had an excellent overall experience with Preeti. I found our sessions both educational and inspiring. She was a good listener and educator, being able to both simplify the approach and explain the science behind it. The handouts were very useful. She also had an upbeat attitude which helped keep me motivated.


I have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and High Blood Pressure. I also suffered from constant diarrhea, feelings of exhaustion and sadness, severe night sweats and inability to lose weight.

I have added recommended supplements and eliminated, for the most part, the foods I'm sensitive to. I try to focus on having meals mixing vegetables (of multi-colors), grains (mostly quinoa and brown rice), protein (chicken, salmon, legumes) and good fats (avocado, oil or coconut oil, nuts). I also eat lots of fruit (berries, apples, watermelon, and bananas). My snacks tend to be fruit, veggies or seed crackers with almond butter, hummus, or guacamole. I also am more deliberate in my physical activities, walking and participating in barre and yoga classes. I am finding these things enjoyable. As a result of these efforts, my diarrhea has stopped, although my stool can sometimes be soft. My blood sugar numbers are generally lower. I also feel less tired and sad, although I recognize that some of my symptoms might be caused by other stresses than food.



Useful Resources

Thank you for the email with all of the info. I have printed much of what you have included here. I do appreciate your time and patience listening to my health concerns today. I also want to thank you for your help with all of the information in this email. There is a lot to change in my diet and I feel certain this will help me feel better.


Again thank you for your expertise - it is so helpful! 


Non-judgemental and Genuine

I was frustrated with my weight and frustrated with a food plan that I had received from a Registered Nutrition Consultant.


Preeti was easy to talk with and was non-judgmental. She would make suggestions to improve the choices that I could make and give helpful tips. I feel that Preeti was genuine and would talk with me like she knew what I was going through. She was encouraging and I think she does a great job in consulting.  I feel better and sleep better since I have a little weight loss.



Supports my lifestyle and way of eating

I have had two visits with Preeti Bansal Kshirsagar. She made it simple and clear what instructions I should follow to eat healthy and have well-balanced meals.


She gave me lots of resource websites to aid in my cooking and eating vegan (which is my preferred way of eating). As a result, I look forward to my meals, I do not get hungry in between meals, I am finally once again losing weight, having more energy, and feeling good about my myself and my life. Preeti is very friendly and helpful. She is very easy to like. I respect her and appreciate all she does to help others.


I can tell she truly has compassion and wants to help others and the evidence is clear that she does exactly that. I appreciate all she does for me and the others that she has helped.





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