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Integrative Nutrition 
& Healing

Functional Nutrition | Food Intolerance | Cincinnati, OH
  • Patient-centered care

  • Science-based healthcare

  • Filling the gap between research & medical practice

Functional Nutrition Resources

Integrative Nutrition & Healing is a Functional Medicine practice. We are members of the Institute of Functional Medicine and use their functional medicine resources to provide recommendation to our clients that not only heal their gut but also have overall systemic benefit for their physical and mental health. 

We take into account your dietary and lifestyle preferences and customize the meal plans so that they are sustainable for you. We will also discuss healthy packaged food choices, ideas for eating out and strategies to maintain your new lifestyle plan with holidays, family celebrations and travel. 



Natural Medicine Database

We make targeted supplement recommendations using Functional Medicine testing and study IFM's Natural Medicine database to ensure the right fit of the supplements for you. 

At the end of every appointment, we send you an updated plan which contains:

  • Summary of your appointment

  • Updated dietary recommendations
  • Updated Supplementation Plan
  • Information on recommended tests

  • Next steps to continue helping you in moving towards your health goal

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