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Obesity should not be dismissed: Excess weight drives inflammation, hypoventilation behind COVID-19

“Individuals with obesity can have hypoventilation at baseline, and that increases with the degree of obesity,”Ania Jastreboff, MD, PhD,DABOM,assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics (endocrinology and metabolism), director of weight management and obesity prevention at the Yale Stress Center, Yale University School of Medicine, and vice chair of The Obesity Society Clinical Committee said!!

New data on underlying conditions among people hospitalized with COVID-19 reveal that the novel coronavirus is disproportionately affecting people with obesity, who are far more likely to experience severe complications compared with people without excess weight. Some of the most severe complications of COVID-19 — namely, acute respiratory failure or acute respiratory distress syndrome — can be driven by conditions already present in a person with obesity, such as chronic, low-grade inflammation and hypoventilation.

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