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  • Megan Vogias, MA Ed

Mason Jars: A Kitchen Essential for Healthy Eating

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

For over 160 years Mason Jars we have seen this glass storage container appear everywhere from cabinets and pantries to picnics and Pinterest. This iconic storage item can also be a multi-purpose essential for your kitchen & healthy eating habits. Here are four ways we recommend using your Mason Jars.

Meals on the Go: Go green and skip the disposable bags, using a mason jar to pack anything form layered salads, soups, and overnight oats these jars have the benefit of fitting perfectly in a lunch box or cup holder. In addition to this using them for meals on the go allows you to also reheat without the mess of food transfer and enjoy your meal right from the container. (Be sure to remember to remove the metal lid before heating.)

Beverages: It's such a rewarding experience to ditch those disposable cups, single serving cans, and bottles while switching to glass storage. Whether we're preparing iced coffee or packing the ingredients for your morning smoothie, having a single serving jar ready to go makes morning routines move much faster.

If you're not a coffee drinker and really aren't up for blending your breakfast, consider making infused waters and teas instead. Adding limes, cucumbers, lemons and other citrus options can really add the flavor to your beverages that makes staying hydrated a breeze.

Pantry Essential Combos: If you find yourself using the same mix of dried legumes, spices, rice, and grains it's time to start making your own shelf-stable mixes and placing them in jars. This option also allows you to control the salts, preservatives, and fillers often found in store bought mixes that may cause dietary distress.

Family Favorites in the Freezer: If you or your family is consistently tight on time for homemade dinners every night, but you really prefer your cooking over store bought meals, consider the prep and pack method.

Spend a few hours during a free day and get the family involved in prepping and preparing the base ingredients for many of your favorite meals including the spices, vegetables, and sauces, then pack them in a jar, label and date them them, and place them in the freezer.

This meal prep hack allows you to pull one out in the morning and place it in the fridge to thaw during the day. Then whomever arrives home first can quickly prepare a one pot meal that's packed with your favorite flavors.


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