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Improve Gut Motility in 5 quick steps

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Is your gut moving too slowly a.k.a. Constipation or too fast a.k.a. Loose stools and Diarrhea? If yes, then you can improve your gut motility in 5 easy steps.

More often than not, medical providers look at constipation and loose stools as two completely different problems. Some might view them as "opposites", but not many healthcare providers look at them as two problems with the same root cause - hampered gut motility - the gut is not moving at a healthy pace, it is either too slow or too fast.

Here are the steps that you can take to help your gut in moving at a healthy pace:

1. Consume 10 cups of water in a day. Can include non-caffeinated teas and drinks. Fill 2 or 3 tall glass bottles with total 10 cups of water (can add flavor with cucumber slices, fresh mint or lemon juice), sip the water through the day!

2. Magnesium Calm Drink - three times a day to help with Constipation, reduce anxiety and improve relaxation. Take the last drink right before bed-time. Reduce frequency or back-off from the drink if bowel movement becomes loose. This product can be bought from Whole Foods or Amazon. Might also be available in other Vitamin stores.

3. Psyllium Husk - Psyllium Husk is a unique mix of soluble and insoluble fiber. It helps in regulating the gut, whether it is moving too fast or too slow. It can be purchased from Amazon, Vitamin Store and Whole Foods. Psyllium husk should be consumed with an 8oz cup of water or a light beverage of choice. Consume this drink twice a day - morning & evening and it will help in improving stool motility.

Caution - Add Psyllium husk to the beverage, quickly stir and drink. You do not want the husk to expand in the cup and become a mushy paste!

4. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) - This super food helps in killing pathogens and harmful bacteria. Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar comes with the mother (probiotic) which replaces the harmful bacteria with good bacteria. An easy way to add this to your gut healing regime is to put 1 Tbsp ACV in the water for Psyllium Husk and then add the husk. Can be purchased at Amazon, Whole Foods and Kroger.

Caution - Rinse your mouth with plain water after having an apple cider vinegar drink, to protect your teeth from acidic erosion.

5. Sqautty Potty - For a better (smoother) experience while passing stool. Sitting posture creates a kink in our colon which hampers the passing of stool. Think of this as a kink in your garden hose. Squatty potty helps straighten that kink and makes the passing of stool easier. Can be picked up from Amazon, Meijer's or Costco.

Following these 5 steps, many of my patients have experienced significant improvement in their gut movement. You can be the next one!

Disclaimer: Please feel free to purchase these products from any store of your choice. Integrative Nutrition & Healing does not have an alliance with any particular grocery store or brand.

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