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Our Second Brain Truly Exists

It's called our Enteric Nervous System and it's a mesh like complex of neurons that line our entire digestive tract. These nerves provide a communication pathway allowing information to be sent from our digestive system to our brain.

These nerves can also sense distress and agitation from food sensitivities and even anxious feelings from a stressful day. They are responsible for that gut feeling or that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you get excited or stressed out!

Your brain directly affects your digestive system and vice versa.

Ever notice with your stomach discomfort, you may feel sad or demotivated?

That's because it's all connected!

According to an NCBI article, there are just as many nerves connected to our gut from the brain as there are in the spinal cord- more than 200 million! So it’s important to heal our bellies with the right foods, nutrients, prebiotics and probiotics. Improving your gut health can provide relief from neurological problems like headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, brain fog and memory issues.

Gut health issues are more common than people think and they could be the root cause of many of your ailments. Working with a Functional Nutrition practitioner, like myself, can help you address the root cause of these complex and chronic health conditions!

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