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Meet Preeti - Dietitian Nutritionist


I'm a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Human Nutrition and Genetics from the University of Michigan. Additionally, I'm trained and certified in Functional Nutrition from the Institute of Functional Medicine.


My diet and nutrition therapy is inspired by Integrative Medicine and focuses on finding nutrient deficiencies and addressing them through improving gut health, therapeutic diet plans and with nutrient supplementation (as needed). 

Functional Medicine


Integrative Nutrition & Healing is a Functional Medicine practice. We provide targeted Nutrition therapy using Functional Nutrition testing, Living Matrix analysis, and the Institute of  Functional Medicine recommended diet protocols.


Integrative Medicine

Functional Medicine is a branch of Integrative Medicine that has scientifically established that healing the gut not only helps improve digestion and absorption of nutrients but also has a direct impact on our immune and nervous systems; hence impacting both chronic and acute health conditions. Using these principles of Functional Medicine we are able to find holistic health solutions for a myriad of complex health conditions.

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