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Red Meat Vs. White Meat Vs. Plant Protein and Their Effects on Cholesterol

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that reported red and white meat have a similar effect on LDL cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterol) and an increased risk of heart disease. "What?! So, you're telling me that chicken is just as bad for my cholesterol levels as red meat?!" Here's what the study had to say... 113 healthy men and women, ages 21-65, were enrolled in a study where each person was randomly assigned to either a high or low saturated fat diet. then for four weeks, participants consumed protein from either red meat, white meat, or non-meat sources (plant proteins).

Harvard Health reported on the study and concluded that LDL cholesterol levels were much higher after eating red AND white meat diets compared with the non-meat diets. And even though red meat has more saturated fat than white meat which contributes to increased cholesterol levels, cholesterol was still lower in the non-meat diet group! This study highlights the importance of a plant-based diet. Those who consume a plant based diet have significantly lower total cholesterol levels than those who consume any animal protein source and this can help fight off heart disease and other chronic conditions related to heart health. PLANT PROTEIN SOURCES INCLUDE: lentils. black beans. chickpeas. kidney beans. tofu. tempeh. peanut butter. quinoa. nuts and seeds. . Full Article-

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