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  • Megan Vogias, MA Ed

Plant-Based Potlucks: A healthy twist to a holiday classic

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

As the invitations for holiday events begin to pour in and the guests lists continue to grow, menu planning becomes a top priority. Well, perhaps it's time to host a holiday potluck with a healthful twist, and consider the Plant Based Potluck this season. After all even if you're not on a plant based diet, various sources are indicating that eating one healthy meal a day can go a long way in increasing your phytonutrient intake and help in reducing inflammation.

Wondering exactly what is a Plant-Based Potluck? A Plant-Based Potluck is a way to invite friends and family to join together in community and try new dishes or variations of classic meals that are prepared with plant based ingredients.

We recently hosted a Plant-Based Potluck; and our home, hearts, and stomachs were filled with joy!

Here are the 5 Simple Steps we followed to make the most of a Plant-Based Potluck:

  1. Created the guest list (including people interested in healthy eating and adventurous eaters)

  2. Notified our guests of the parameters of the potluck items: Plant based food with no animal ingredients.

  3. Asked our guests to please have a hard copy of the recipe available to share (This was both to help identify if there were any allergies to be aware of and to share if someone enjoyed the dish and wanted the recipe)

  4. Prepared for the event and made sure to provide all the serving ware and beverages. We used steel silverware and serving spoons, with compostable plates, paper napkins and cups.

  5. Enjoyed delicious food, lovely conversations, and shared recommendations on local restaurants that had a variety of healthy plant based choices.

Overall, our guests were thrilled with the evening and raved about how appreciative they were that they didn't have to worry about what they were putting on their plate as all the dishes were extremely healthy. Even our guests that were not vegan were delightfully surprised at how much flavor all of the dishes had and how good it feels after having a plant based meal.

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